Sarah Hadjes, Certified Doula with DONA International

Sarah is currently taking some extended time off.
There are lots of great doulas in our area, one of my favorites is Sarah Osborne at

Training /

Sarah has been actively attending births since her training in 2006

In addition to my initial training as a doula in 2006 (DONA approved; including education in massage, aromatherapy, optimal fetal positioning, use of the birth ball and other tools in labor, breastfeeding and much more), Sarah has also continued her education with many Advanced Doula Trainings and other learning opportunities.

  • Observation and assisting in a variety of styles of childbirth education classes
  • Was a guest speaker to a psychology class at Pacific Lutheran University (2008)
  • Aromatherapy with Ellen Heaney (2008)
  • Leads childbirth education discussion groups for mom's placing for adoption and teen pregnancy (2008- present, as needed)
  • International DONA conference in 2008, training in:
    · Normalizing Birth in the 21st Century with Andrew Kotaska
    · Doula Care During Pregnancy Loss with Linda Layne
    · A Father's Perspective on birth with Steve Buonaugurio of 'Pregnant in America'
    · Supporting Clients that Live with Abuse with Pamela Wilson
    · The Fourth Trimester: Happiest Baby on the Block with Harvey Karp
    · Case Studies for Postpartum Doulas with Ann Grauer
    · Doulas and Teen Parents with Nick Wechsler and Nancy Sinclair
    · Doula Fitness with Stacey Scarborough
    · Penny Simkin's 40 Year Journey in Maternity Care with Penny Simkin
    · Birth Across Cultures with Robbie Davis-Floyd
  • Birthing the Future with Suzanne Arms (2008)
  • Advanced Doula Training Workshop for Working with VBAC Clients with Sharon Muza (2009)
  • Lamaze Childbirth Instructor Training 'Passion for Birth: Stomping out Boring Birth Classes' with Teri Shilling (2009)
  • Hypnobirthing Support Techniques for Doulas with Barbara Decker (2010)
  • 2011 MAWS Conference (Midwives Association of Washington State)
    · Birth Matters with Ina May Gaskin
    · Results of Listening to Mothers II/Postpartum Surveys with Sandy Szalay
    · Pain, Suffering and Trauma in Labor and Subsequent Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with Penny Simkin
    · Why Are We So Afraid? Reducing Fear and Anxiety in Birth with Ina May Gaskin
  • Ready, Set, Rebozo! Rebozo Uses for the Childbearing Year with Sharon Muza (2012)
  • International DONA Conference in 2013, training in:
    · Motherless Mothers with Hope Edelman
    · It's Not the Wild West: Doulas, Mothers, and Cracking The Code of Social Media Culture with Jeanette McCulloch and Hillary Boucher
    · Humanization of Childbirth with Ricardo Herbert Jones, MD
    · Safely and Securely wearing a Newborn with Serena Weingrod
    · Mastering the Doula's Advocacy Role with Kim James
    · Body Mindfulness; Gentle Moves to Awaken The Body with Lynn Holdheide
    · Decision Fatigue: A Problem for Parents in This Era of Informed Choice in Complex Maternity Care with Penny Simkin
    · From Lovers to Parents and Back Again: A Time of Shifting Sexual Identity with Amy L. Gilliland
    · The Case Against Liberal Use of Labor Induction with Henci Goer
    · There's a Baby: A film for children about birth and the new baby with Penny Simkin
    · Terri Coates Interview with Terri Coates and Bridget Baker
    · Their Baby died. Now What? What a Baby Loss Doula™ can do to help with Sherokee Ilse
    · Beyond Competition: Birthing Your Unique Doula Practice with Sarah Juliusson
    · Doula: from an Ancient Greek word to a Modern Greek Reality with Maria Andreoulaki
    · Birth Trauma: Causes and Consequences of Birth-Related PTSD with Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
    · Milena Ruzkova - The Life and Passing of a Doula Supporter in Greece with Maria Andreoulaki
    · Breastfeeding Pain: Challenging Common Assumptions with Ellen Chetwynd
    · Nurses and Doulas: Playing Nice for Optimal Birth with Barbara Hotelling and Laurey Munch
    · The NOCEBO Response with Barbara Hotelling
    · The Doulas Field Guide to Birth Photography: Telling the Story in Images with Kyndal May
    · 7 Ways to Successfully Manage Your Doula Practice with Stefanie Antunes
  • When Survivors Give Birth with Penny Simkin (2015)