Sarah Hadjes, Certified Doula with DONA International

Sarah is currently taking some extended time off.
There are lots of great doulas in our area, one of my favorites is Sarah Osborne at

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What's included in your doula service?

Since each birth experience is different, my job as doula is to mold to what the needs of each individual mother, family unit and situation requires. This will include the following services:
  • 2 Prenatal meetings to explore your hopes, dreams, and unique needs as a birthing mother/couple
  • 24hr phone and email availability for questions and encouragement as you prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for your birth
  • Constant support through your labor and birth
  • Professional back up doula coverage as needed
  • Approximately 2hrs available of doula care immediately following birth to help with comfort needs and establish breastfeeding
  • Postpartum process meeting where I come and provide the notes from your birth, pictures if I took any burned to a disk and we have a chance to talk through any questions and thoughts about your birth experience
Contact me for an interview (no charge) to determine if I'm the right doula for your needs.

Cost of doula services

The complete cost for my services, both prenatal and postpartum, is $1,500 (half is due upon signing of contract of services). I feel every woman who wants a doula should have the opportunity to be supported by a doula. Please let me know if adjustments to the payment schedule are needed.

I accept cash, check, or credit card for payment.


In addition to being a birth doula I am also a photographer. For that reason, I will always have a camera on me in some form. My first and primary role will always be to serve you as your birth doula (I do not work specifically as a birth photographer) but I do often take some pictures during your birth as well and all those pictures will be burned to disk and given to you at your postpartum process meeting.

All images used on this website are ones I've taken, either as part of my doula services or with clients who later hired me to do a photo session for them.