Sarah Hadjes, Certified Doula with DONA International

Sarah is currently taking some extended time off.
There are lots of great doulas in our area, one of my favorites is Sarah Osborne at

What is a Doula?

Doula is from a Greek word that means 'trusted servant'. A doula offers professional labor assistance...

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Sarah's core values in labor will always be respect for the mother- desiring to enhance joy, love and peace in the birth place...

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As a Dona certified doula, Sarah has been actively attending births since her training in 2006, she has also continued her education...

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My job as doula is to mold to what the needs of each individual mother, family unit and situation requires...

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Sarah was the Doula at my first two births. To be honest, I would have flown her to Texas for my third one too, but the funds just weren't there. She was such a huge support for my husband and I. My first labor was Long and Hard! I truly believe that without Sarah's help and knowledge I would have ended up in a c-section. Instead she supported me in my desire to go without meds, and in the end helped me have the courage to say yes to an epidural. With my second delivery, she didn't have as much time to support during labor, but she did make sure my husband made it back to the room before the birth! She also took amazing photos of us and our little girl. Finally, she gave me some life-changing advise on nursing my second baby. I seriously would have ditched my effort if she hadn't helped me get past my challenges. I love you, my Super Doula! I am so blessed by your friendship and our history together!


I am so glad I found Sarah. My first birth I had a different doula, and it was not the greatest experience. Needless to say, I was quite hesitant to get a doula for my second birth, but my husband insisted we at least talk with Sarah. I am sooo glad we did! Even after our first meeting I felt more confident and affirmed about the process. Sarah provided a calming, confident, and nurturing presence throughout the experience. She helped me replace fear with strength. Yes, I pushed a 9lb 10oz baby out with no drugs! Sarah helped make it a magical, wonderful moment that I will always treasure. This career is Sarah's gifting, and I am so grateful I have been blessed to be one of her clients (and friends). I would recommend Sarah to ANYONE with full, utmost confidence that she will be a gift to them as well.


I was blessed to have Sarah at my last two births. Each one different and her job was unique to each situation. Her personality is so spunky and yet she knows how to adjust to whatever the moment requires. There were times of silence, laughter, and even storytelling and with each moment she was there with confidence helping us through to the finale. My husband felt that he too needed a doula. Not because he isn't capable, but because she knows instinctively what can be done at certain times to alleviate fears, stress, pain, anxiety, etc. He felt that her presence there gave him the encouragement even when I became a little frustrated with circumstances. She is also very perceptive. If you have mentioned something, anything, she remembers those things and makes sure that they are addressed with whomever. I love Sarah, (not just because we share the same awesome name) She is definitely someone that we would have in our lives over and over and over again as a doula, photographer, and most of all, our friend


It was great to have Sarah at the birth of my daughter. She gave my husband and I such a peace of mind by being present. There was a possibility that my husband wouldn't be there for the birth due to being underway on an aircraft carrier so to have Sarah close by was a great comfort. Thankfully my husband was there for the labor and the birth. Sarah was a blessing to us both through the whole process of pregnancy by her resources she provided (books and videos), her knowledge of an assortment of techniques and tricks to get through contractions as well as her loving and compassionate spirit. Thank you Sarah!